Here are a number of web sites that I find useful!

Answers That Work - A generally useful site with lots of information.  The Task List is a way to look up tasks that are running on your computer to see if they are legit or not.

Microsoft Support - Look up problems with Microsoft software.

Google Newsgroup Search - Search the "bulletin boards" of the internet, where people ask and answer questions.  Someone else may have had the same question that you have.

Google Web Search - No need to explain this.

Symantec/Norton Virus Library - Look up virus info on symptoms, removal, etc.

McAfee Virus Library - Similar info provided by McAfee.

Eisenberg Research - Process development and improvement services to the food and chemical industries

AVG Antivirus Free Version - a free antivirus that I have used extensively and found effective.  Do be careful because they try to get you to install a trial of the AVG Internet Security, which is a paid version.

Microsoft Security Essentials - Another free antivirus program from Microsoft.  Also very effective, and is the basis of Microsoft Defender that is included with Windows 8.x.